Cremation & Vase

og94 450x479 jpg
Tall turn vase in Black granite.
og98 450x479 jpg
Our most popular heart shaped vase in South African Dark Grey.
og75 450x479 jpg
21.5”x21”x2.5”/22”x22”x1”-Double heart memorial for two separate inscriptions
og96 450x479 jpg
22”x22”x4”- A special cremation desk with left corner bored for flower container in Black granite.
og95 450x479 jpg
Etched page lines with open book & low wedge rest in Black granite.
og93 450x479 jpg
6”x5”x3”/5”x5”x1”-Pretty star with crescent on the base in Black granite.
og84 450x479 jpg
Plain posts can be bored for flower container.
og97 450x479 jpg
20”x12”x2”/22”x22”x2” – Octagon shaped tablet with suitable wedge rest in Silver Grey granite.
og92 450x479 jpg
15”x18”x2”/18”x9”x2”-Child’s butterfly memorial in Black granite.
og91 450x479 jpg
Scroll plaque in Black granite.
og90 450x484 jpg
Rope effect cord & tassel book in Black granite.
og85 450x479 jpg
Open desk book memorials.
og89 450x479 jpg
18”x15”x2”/18”x9”x2”-Star shaped memorial in Black granite.
og88 450x479 jpg
Turn vase in Cats Eye granite.
og87 450x479 jpg
Heart with recessed shoulder vase and suitable base in Black granite.
og83 450x479 jpg
Vase with wedge in Black granite.
og82 450x479 jpg
The lovely token heart with splayed base in black granite.
og81 450x479 jpg
Cremation tablet with splayed front in black granite
og80 450x479 jpg
Cremation tablets in Imperial Red & Silver Grey, SADG granites.
og79 450x479 jpg

Standing wedge in black granite.

og78 450x479 jpg
Camper top with suitable base.
og86 450x479 jpg
8”x6”x6”- Check top & sides vase in Black granite.
og76 450x479 jpg
Cremation wedge in Black granite.
og77 450x479 jpg

Open book with curved pages nice sanded cord and tassel.