Book and Heart

og119 450x479 jpg
22”x16”x2”/23’x23”x4”-Classic book shape with curved pages and centre splayed base in Black granite.
og118 450x479 jpg
33”x24”x4”/30”x12”x3”- OGEE shaped book with carved warm hand shack in Blue Pearl granite.
og117 450x479 jpg
22”x14”x3”/22”x22”x3”-Double heart memorial in Black granite.
og102 450x479 jpg
Classic double heart headstone with discrete pin line.
og115 450x479 jpg
Book- 24”x18”x3” Base-27”x15”x3”-A simple and popular book with bow front / plain base in Black granite.
og114 450x479 jpg
28”x26”x4”/30”x15”x4”-A fully shaped front & back with spine curve at centre, stepped pages book, splayed base in Blue Pearl granite.
og100 450x479 jpg
38”x24”x3”/24”x12”x2”-Natural hand craved roses emphasize the shape of this heart head stone.
og113 450x479 jpg
15”x15”x2”/22”x10”x3”-Heart with stunning rounded edge in Black granite.
og112 450x479 jpg
28’x16”x3”/30”x15”x3” -A simple and classic love in double heart in stunning Ruby Red granite.
og105 450x479 jpg
Decorated cord & tassel book with page effect in Black granites.
og111 450x479 jpg
32”x21”x4”/24”x12”x4”- A beautifully carved angel holds a heart and polished wings in Black granite.
og110 450x479 jpg
33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3”- Heart monument with unpolished hand carved roses on the sides in Black granite.
og99 450x479 jpg
Heart with OGEE Shoulder hand carved roses & reflected base in rose curved.
og108 450x479 jpg
Curved pages, cord & tassel book with bow front base.
og107 450x479 jpg
Square top book has corner vases & token heart in Black granite.
og109 450x479 jpg
33”x24”x3”/30”x18”x3”-Heart shape memorial with deep hand carved roses having a long and slender stem have been highlighted in Blue Pearl granite.
og101 450x479 jpg
36”x27”x6”/36”x12”x5” -Cushioned effect double heart with natural hand carved roses having a long and slender stem in Cera Grey granite.
og104 450x479 jpg
Classic heart shaped with 3 hands carved roses
og103 450x479 jpg
Classic heart with 3 hand carved roses and daffodil in Indian Dark Grey granite.
og116 450x479 jpg
Book- 18”x15”x3” Base-24”x12”x3”Curved pages with sanded cord & tassel book with bow front base in Black granite.