og73 450x479 jpg
Blue Pearl –- A special gates of heaven with centre peon shaped. Baluster style kerb surroundings. At the foot end stunning small suitable gates of heaven match headstone in Blue Pearl granite.
og74 450x479 jpg
Our most popular heart shaped vase in South African Dark Grey.
og68 450x479 jpg
21.5”x21”x2.5”/22”x22”x1”-Double heart memorial for two separate inscriptions
og67 450x479 jpg
22”x22”x4”- A special cremation desk with left corner bored for flower container in Black granite.
og62 450x479 jpg
Rearing horse ornament in polished Black granite
og64 450x479 jpg
Imperial White–19”x19”x3”/20”x4”x4” –Unusual shape head stone with bull nosed edges. Contrast Black Galaxy flower vase at right side.
og61 450x479 jpg
Oval top with Scotia corner in Celtic cross
og60 450x479 jpg
The Rosy Cross in polished Black Granite.
og63 450x479 jpg
35”x17”x3”/17”x12”x2” – Polished Silver Grey Granite.
og72 450x479 jpg
21”x21”x2”/24”x24”x3” – A gorgeous raised pedestal butterfly with suitable square base.
og71 450x479 jpg
32”x31”x4”/30”x39”x4” – A traditional Celtic wheel style cross memorial with pitched edges give a rustic feel to this very popular memorial headstone.
og70 450x479 jpg
Blue Pearl –35”x12”x2”/24”x15”x3”-Centre peon shaped memorial bench, features seat with a rounded front edges.
og69 450x479 jpg
Black granite –Deeply carved tree with birds and nest.
og66 450x479 jpg
33”x28”x3”/30”x12”x3”-Atypical barrel sides with Tulip flower shape top in Tropical Green granite.
og65 450x479 jpg
33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3”-The natural pitched edge memorial with stunning hand carved roses in Indian Dark Grey granite.