og131 450x479 jpg


84”x30” – Temple style memorial with candle box in Blue Pearl granite.
og132 450x479 jpg

Dogwood Tree

78”x30” grave space – Camper shape head stone with slopping face base for additional inscription and onset cover slab.
og128 450x479 jpg

Eastern Redbud

78”x30”-Book shaped memorial with kerb set in Black granite.
og127 450x479 jpg


78”x30”-Offset peon top memorial with small token book and checked corner posts in Cera Grey granite.
og120 450x479 jpg


78”x30” – Traditional style book with extra wide rest on top of full length raked end kerbs.
og126 450x479 jpg

Glory Lilies

78”x30”- Classic style memorial with splayed kerb set in Samoka Red GRANITE.
og125 450x479 jpg

Glory Of The Snow

78”x30”- Kerb set with corner vases in Blue Pearl granite.
og145 450x479 jpg


78”x30” – Barrel side memorial with full length kerb set and onset cover slab in Lavender Blue granite.
og136 450x479 jpg


Black – 78”x30” Barley twist columns and surrounding rope effect kerbs. Category: Kerbset Related products
og144 450x479 jpg


78”x30” –Full oval shape Imperial White Granite head stone with contrast inscription black panel and OGEE shoulder. Raised heart tablet for photo or design at foot end.
og143 450x479 jpg


78”x30” – Natural rock pitched edges memorial with full length kerb set to suit and path way in Raw Silk granite.
og124 450x479 jpg

Jack In The Pulpit

78”x30” – OGEE shaped memorial with cover slab in Blue Pearl granite. Category: Kerbset Related products
og142 450x479 jpg

Kangarro Paw

40”x22” grave space – Raised heart with OGEE shoulder memorial and splayed base, foot kerb for additional inscription in Dark Grey Granite.
og141 450x479 jpg


78”x30” – Antique hand craved roses with rock pitched edge memorial and additional flower vases on centre in Blue Pearl granite.
og140 450x479 jpg

Lily of the Nile

78”x30” – Elegantly hand carved Daisies memorial with full length kerb in Bahamas Blue granite.
og139 450x479 jpg


Black – 78”x30” – Curved pages with sanded cord & tassel book with full kerb memorial.
og138 450x479 jpg


Black – 77”x30” – Open book with curved pages, surround kerbs and cover slab.
og123 450x479 jpg


78”x30”- Brick effect landing kerb set in Silver Grey Granite.
og137 450x479 jpg

Peach Blossom

Star Galaxy – 77”x30” – Camper top with OGEE shoulder headstone is reflecting kerbs at foot end and front edge nosed cover slab.
og135 450x479 jpg


78”x29.5” – Elegant heart shape head stone with contrasting carved roses and stepped kerbs along with onset cover slab in Black Granite.
og122 450x479 jpg

Scarlet Sterculia

78”X30” –OGEE shaped memorial with kerbs surrounding in Blue Pearl granite.
og134 450x479 jpg


Black – 78”x30” – Heart with OGEE shoulder headstone with arch kerbs surrounding and square posts.
og121 450x479 jpg

South Dakota

78”x30”-OGEE shaped head stone with raising step give superbness to this memorial in Black granite.
og133 450x479 jpg


Blue Pearl –78”x30” – OGEE with molded edge headstone. Roll top kerbs and Lettering tablet at foot end.
og130 450x479 jpg


Blue Pearl – 77”x30” – A simple kerb memorial. Onset cover slab with front splayed kerbs for additional inscriptions.
og129 450x479 jpg

White Rock Rose

78”x30”-Deep hand craved roses have been highlighted to contrast of head stone. Tablet at foot end for extra inscription in Black granite.