og56 450x479 jpg


27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Round top with OGEE shoulder is reflecting on the base in honed Tropical Green.
og55 450x479 jpg


Blue Pearl – 27”x19”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Anton shaped with small garden kerbs for chippings.
og54 450x479 jpg


Black granite –30”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3” –Traditional churchyard memorial with chamfer and splayed base.
og147 450x479 jpg

Apple Blossom

Black–33”x24”x3”/30”x30”x3” – Raised heart memorial with garden kerbs, chamfered at foot end
og53 450x479 jpg


Cera grey- 30”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3”-Camper top with rounded shoulder memorial, natural pitched sides.
og57 450x479 jpg


33”x30”x3”/30”x12”x3” – Gates of Heaven in Black granite.
og52 450x479 jpg


Star Galaxy–40”x24”x3”/24”x12”x2” – An unusual barrel sides & hand tooled rebate left edges.
og51 450x479 jpg

Bird of Paradise

Black–Barrel sides with OGEE top. Natural pitched all around in Black granite.
og59 450x479 jpg


Karin Grey–33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3” – Natural pitched side memorial with highlighted deep carved dove
og50 450x479 jpg


Indian Juburna –33”x21”x3”/30”x12”x3” –Anton shape memorial with chamfered edges.
og41 450x479 jpg

Calla Lily

Bahamas Blue – 38”x24”x4”/ 24”x12”x2” – Bowed shape memorial with curved corners.
og30 450x479 jpg


Very popular camper shape headstone with base.
og40 450x479 jpg

Chestnut Oak

31”x30”x6”/30”x12”x5–Contrast columns with heart memorial in Cera Grey & Black Granite.
og146 450x479 jpg


Dark Grey granite– 33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3” –OGEE shape headstone with polished molded edge.
og39 450x479 jpg


27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –OGEE head stone with deep carved dove (antique finish).
og38 450x479 jpg


30”x24”x4”/30”x12”x6” –Traditional cross & die with natural pitched sides in Black Granite.
og28 450x479 jpg

Golden Shower

Round top with OGEE shoulder memorial in Lavender Blue granite.
og29 450x479 jpg

Golden Bells Plant

Classic memorial with rounded columns in Blue Pearl granite.
og37 450x479 jpg

Grape Hyacinth

33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3– Bow top with Scotia shoulders memorial and suitable bow fronted base.
og27 450x479 jpg


Pierced heart in the top center of head stone in.
og20 450x479 jpg


A simple square top memorial in Black granite.
og36 450x479 jpg


Blue Pearl–27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Centre peon top memorial in Blue Pearl.
og48 450x479 jpg

Lesser Celandine

OGEE shape headstone with polished molded edge.
og35 450x479 jpg

Lilly of Valley

33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3” –Serpentine top with natural pitched sides Memorial. Base reflect top of headstone in Emerald Pearl.
og34 450x479 jpg


33”x24”x3”/30”x12”x3” –Traditional church yard memorial with moulded edge. Moulded base match to head stone in Cera Grey Granite.
og26 450x479 jpg

Madonna Lily

The Light Grey granite gives a distinction to the antiqued hand carved roses.
og24 450x479 jpg


Most popular OGEE shaped headstone in Sandstone.
og25 450x479 jpg


Deep OGEE top with molded fringe reflected on the base in Silver Grey granite.
og33 450x479 jpg


30”x23”x4”/24”x12”x4” – Very popular OGEE top memorial in Bahamas Blue granite
og23 450x479 jpg


Polished molded edge memorial with garden kerbs in South African Dark Grey granite.
og47 450x479 jpg


27”x21”x3”/24’x12”x3” – Beautifully carved Our Lady of Lourdes with small cross in Black granite.
og46 450x479 jpg


Blue Pearl–39”x27”x3”/30”x24”x3” – Steep center with checked shoulders memorial .Small kerbs surroundings and token hearts for additional inscription.
og45 450x479 jpg


Silver Grey–27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Classical church yard memorial with foundation slab.
og22 450x479 jpg

Sheep Laurel

Rustic border emphasize the polished cross.
og44 450x479 jpg


Black–27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” – Base reflected top of the headstone.
og32 450x479 jpg

Spring Snowflake

27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Elegant round top head stone with deep carved sleeping angel in Dark Grey Granite.
og43 450x479 jpg


Black granite –33”x30”x3”/30”x12”x3” – A Gates of Heaven with cross symbol.
og31 450x479 jpg

Sweet Crapple

27”x21”x3”/24”x12”x3” –Gothic shape top with recessed inscription panel in Honed Black Granite.
og58 450x479 jpg

Sweet Pea

South African Dark Grey–33”x24”x3”/30”x30”x3” – Round top with OGEE shoulder with chamfer on the face .Garden kerbs for chippings Category: Lawn Related products
og21 450x479 jpg


Gothic shaped memorial in glowing Emerald Pearl granite.
og42 450x479 jpg

The Peony

27”x21”x3”/24”x15”x1” – Centre peon shape with ovolo molded edges memorial in Silver Grey granite.